5 Quick Google Ads Campaign Wins for Roofers

Roofing companies know that competition is everywhere and to get new clients, advertising is key! To get in touch with the greatest possible number of clients, many use Google advertising campaigns. Google advertisements, or Google Ads, are a quick and easy way for roofing companies to get their name out into the local markets. So, what should you know to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to launching a Google Ads campaign? Creating and launching a Google Ad campaign can be a very lucrative business strategy when done properly but can be very costly or provide little return if done incorrectly. In this article, we will discuss 5 quick wins for your local roofing company Google Ads Campaign. 


Build & Optimize a Landing Page

Even if the Google Ad brings a client to your website, it does not necessarily mean that client will stay there! Landing pages must be clean, organized, easy to navigate, and not overwhelming for the reader. People typically click an ad to get fast information about the topic the advertisement listed. If the landing page does not simply get them to that topic, like roof repair, many will simply click elsewhere, increasing that page’s bounce rate, lowering the Quality score, and ultimately costing you more in clicks with less conversions. Hiring a roofing advertising company, such as PopOff Marketing, to clean up or design your landing page will make sure your paid advertisement is bringing in all the business it should! This brings you an increased conversion rate. Higher conversion rates mean more business and is a win for any roofing company!


Keyword Research

Most roofing contractors are not aware that Google bots are continuously scouring the internet, searching through articles and websites to find relevance for search result pages. How do you get the attention of a bot? The answer is simple, keyword research. For a roofing marketing agency, keywords and how to best use them are second nature. Believe it or not, most people search for items and services using similarly worded fragments. At PopOff Marketing, we research the best roofing keywords for your specialty, essentially speaking to not just the potential client, but also the Google bots. This strategy will make your Google ad appear more quickly and easily as a search result.  


Spice Up Your Ad Copy

Writing a great Google Ad is an artform! You have a limited amount of space to get your message across in a way that builds trust and intrigues a potential client without coming across as pushy and harsh. Ads should be written to get attention and solve a problem. Find that balance and your ad success will skyrocket. Remember, the reader is searching for a roofing-related need and is looking for a roofing contractor who is trustworthy and knowledgeable to fill that need. Our team of roofing marketing experts can help spice up your Ad Copy, drawing the attention to you over your competition. 


Incorporate Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are exactly what they sound like they would be – an extension to your ad that provides additional information to the user. Ad extensions will make your ad more visible to users and give users information that will help them find your roofing business’s specific information, such as phone number and location. It is important to note that ad extensions are only available if your ad rank is high enough. PopOff Marketing can help get your ad ranking where it needs to be, increasing the chances that your ad extensions are visible!


Implement Retargeting

Even with the best ads available, there will always be a percentage of potential clients who have interacted with your page, but for whatever reason, left without completing their goal. Retargeting is a way to reach out to those clients specifically, calling them back to your page and roofing business. Retargeting campaigns come in many forms and can be highly effective when done well. Google ads can be created specifically to retarget many types of situations.


Some of the most common retargeting ads are listed here.

  • Targeting those who have previously given their information.
  • Specifically sending ads to those who have interacted with your roofing company’s videos on YouTube
  • Specific roofing service discounts geared toward individuals (based on their search input)


Let the roofing marketing experts at PopOff Marketing help you make the most of your Google Advertising! We can save you time by streamlining and enhancing your Google ads using the 5 quick wins contained in this article. Reach out and let us know what we can do to help your business grow!