5 Types of Content Your Roofing Blog Should Have


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” when it comes to online marketing. Mostly everyone in the online community understands that blogs are required to have relevant, knowledgeable and credible content. Such Content creates Google’s EAT acronym: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.  EAT refers to a business’ ability to speak to its profession in a meaningful, true, and helpful way. EAT content allows a prospective customer to feel good about the roofing company they are choosing to complete a service, but also speaks directly to Google “bots” letting them see that the roofer is legitimate and knows exactly what is needed for the job.


While working within EAT, a roofing company should also provide content that points the customer in the right direction of choosing a specified business over that of a competitor. There are 5 types of content a blog should have to promote a roofing business successfully. Each of these 5 content types will be discussed in this article. 


Conversion Content

Conversion content is exactly what it sounds like it should be. It calls the customer to complete a specific action such as “Click here to fill out a contact form.”  Conversion content may have a phone number for the customer to reach out to the given roofing business or may redirect the customer to a blog post. It’s job is to convert the interest of the potential customer into an action. Conversion content is also utilized in headlines and titles. Let’s face it, if a title isn’t good, the reader goes elsewhere.  Having an interesting title, infographic, picture, screenshot, or video may be just what a reader may need to keep their interest and make them choose your business over that of your competitor. Conversion content could also be case studies that show your authority in your area of expertise. 


Epic Content

Epic content is well written, typically informative content that makes the reader want to share the blog work. Epic content is relevant and research based. It shows that you and your roofing business are leaders in your field and develops trust between you and your prospective customer. This type of content can be a step by step guide for potential customers. Again, this type of content is great to show that you are the authority in your area of expertise. 


Branding Content

Branding content speaks about the company being discussed in the blog. What does the specific company believe in? What does it stand for? What makes it different, better, or a better fit than the competition? Branding is something that takes time for a business, but is related to the business’ overall vision, mission, and beliefs.  


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Reference Content

Reference content ties directly into building brand authority. Reference content is content that keeps being referred to in your business and blogs. 


Updates Content

Does your business have a new service? Do you have a new system of completing a given task or method than you did in the past? Updates content shows how your business has changed and evolved over time. 


Blog posts are essential for roofing marketing and building a successful name for your roofing business.  Using these guidelines will ensure that your content is working for your business in the most effective ways possible. Not a professional blog writer? Not to worry! PopOff Marketing is here to help! Simply call our team or visit us on Facebook and ask how we can support your roofing business blog content!