PopOff Marketing provides a smarter way to advertise local roofing company online. We fuse our team’s expertise with the most up-to-date machine learning and automation to craft intelligent budget allocation strategies. Our search engine marketing blueprint, better known as paid advertising, expands the impact of our roofers’ advertising dollars and increases their return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Blueprint

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ROI Driven​

PopOff Marketing leverages shrewd ad campaign models that directly tie spending to converted sales. Our experienced ad specialists understand that an investment in search engine marketing is an investment in a roofing company’s future. Therefore, we owe it to our partners to make certain we deliver a substantial return on investment.

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Eliminating speculation from conversions is a critical step in advertising. Through extensive research we understand what it takes to evoke an actionable response with our roofing contractors’ ideal customers. We use this knowledge to craft thoughtful campaigns that resonate with audiences and increase the efficacy of our campaigns.

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Our SEM experts utilize a diverse assortment of advertising models and channels to maximize ROI. We continuously monitor performance to determine how best to allocate advertising dollars and where to focus our efforts. Making real-time campaign adjustments safeguards against excessive spending and ensures the highest level of conversions.
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Blending the latest in machine learning and automation with our experts’ experience maximizes the effectiveness of our efforts. PopOff Marketing utilizes cutting-edge AI to aid in properly fine-tuning campaign initiatives and addressing the challenges of local roofing company advertising. The unique meld of professional and machine generates high-quality leads within exceedingly short timeframes.


Online Advertising for Roofing Companies

With so many opportunities to lose visitors, browse and site abandonment are substantial challenges for roofing company advertising. PopOff Marketing integrates first class retargeting solutions with proven cross-channel marketing aimed to regain audiences’ attention. Our SEM professionals are constantly studying clients’ habits to astutely decipher their future actions. We integrate our findings into our retargeting solutions to deliver tailored online experiences geared to propel visitors past the point of purchase.