Conversion Optimization for Roofing Companies

Conversion Optimization for Your Roofing Website

What is Conversion Optimization?

In 2021, almost all businesses have realized the importance of a strong website presence on the internet. From finding new clients to promoting trust in a business’ name, optimized websites are essential to support business growth and success. Nowadays, having a website is simply not enough. Getting ahead of the competition requires not only placing your business in the results of search engines, but keeping potential clients on your page, looking through the services you have to offer and converting these visitors to paying customers. Conversion Optimization is a professional technique used to keep visitors scrolling through your website pages with the goal of completing a desired task. Is the client asked to fill out a specific form, request a quote, subscribe, or create an account? Conversion optimization techniques lead a website visitor to do just that. It is a way for a business to gain information on his/her visitors to better meet the needs of those looking to use your services or products.   


Website Optimization- Getting Data

In order to truly get the results you desire from your roofing website, it is important to understand how a visitor interacts with your site. Knowing where visitors navigate and what parts of your site seem interesting and informative is critical. There are a few different methods available for getting such data.

  • Surveys- a business may choose to have a survey listed directly on the business website that asks visitors to answer a variety of questions.  Some common questions are listed here.
    • What website features were easy to use?
    • How did the visitor find the website?
    • What did the visitor like/dislike about the website?
    • Did the visitor understand how to receive a service?
    • Were there any parts of the site that seemed helpful? Any that seemed unnecessary?  
  • Analytics- If a business is looking for exact numbers and indisputable data, PopOff Marketing can run website analytics on any business to see hard data. This type of analytics shows where conversions were happening and what areas of a website may be lacking in content, understandability, or interest. 

Once the data has been reviewed, website optimization can begin to increase your conversion rates and push visitors to complete the calls to action on any given page. 


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Features to Help Your Business

PopOff Marketing understands the latest technology and knows exactly how to apply information gathered about your website to increase successful completions of calls to action, improve the internal navigation experience, and ensure a mobile friendly experience with hand-chosen keywords. In truth, the goal of conversion optimization is NOT to get more people to come to your webpage. The goal is to get those who are already visiting to complete a task, leading them to becoming a paying customer. Calling more people to your site does nothing if the site is not effective! SEO strategies are a fantastic way to get visitors to your site, both organically and through paid advertising, but what good is it if people visit your site and don’t convert? That’s why PopOff Marketing works on both ends of conversion optimization! Through SEO for roofing companies & website conversion optimization, potential clients will find your page and complete a given task. You may be wondering exactly how SEO interconnects with conversion optimization. In today’s market, most customers are searching your site from a mobile device. Ensuring a mobile-friendly experience must be a priority! Once that is optimized, applying SEO strategies allows a business to correct any of the following issues that may turn potential customers away prior to ever visiting your site:

  • Slow load speeds
  • Poor mobile experience on the designated webpage
  • Broken links and error pages

If any of the 3 above mentioned issues are found, PopOff Marketing will support and correct those issues, making sure a customer has a great enough experience to continue on his/her quest to search your webpage and complete a desired task. PopOff Marketing will also assist with the internal navigation experience for all incoming visitors to the site. Each component of the site will be optimized, making your website easy to use, free from broken links or error messages, and clear. Additionally, hand-chosen keywords will be applied to help promote successful conversions and get your roofing business where you want it to be with clients who continually wish to return. 


If you are looking for the top company for conversion optimization support, look no further than PopOff Marketing!