Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

With endless options readily available via the internet, the modern costumer insists on a level of browsing-ease and accessibility to a local roofing company. PopOff Marketing understands this need and leverages the latest technology to ensure website viewers are only one click away from becoming clients. 

 We refer to this as Conversion Optimization, the systematic process of increasing the total amount of website visitors who perform a desired action. Our formula involves a deep understanding of how users navigate through a website, what actions they perform and what, if anything, is standing in the way of them becoming your next roofing client.

The Conversion Optimization Formula

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Call to Action

A call to action is a cue that entices the viewer to perform a specified act. We strategically place these prompts throughout our roofing partners’ websites to ensure the viewer is never more than a brief scroll away from a desired goal – be it filling out a contact form, calling the local business or reading a blog post. By doing so, we reduce the burden of discovery for the viewer and bring them one step closer to becoming a client.

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Internal Navigation

Establishing our roofing partners as industry experts opens the door to connecting with prominent online presences. Through content creation and strategic networking, PopOff Marketing creates opportunities to link roofers together with authoritative leaders that help elevate brand credibility and awareness. By doing so, we enhance our partners’ exposure across online channels to the clients they want.

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With the internet only a lock screen away, it is imperative to guarantee viewers a satisfying experience both on their mobile devices and desktops. We accomplish this feat by optimizing our roofing contractors’ websites for mobile, establishing a uniformed presence across all internet mediums. Our objective is to elicit the same action-evoking response wherever the viewer discovers our roofing partners online.

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PopOff Marketing invests time in developing an intimate knowledge of our roofing contractors’ target audiences. We scrutinize search behaviors, buying patterns and content intake to best understand how to position them for the greatest exposure. Our research culminates in a cache of search queries, known as keywords, potential clients are using to discover roofing services relating to their offerings. Keywords help correctly associate our roofers’ services with consumer-desired search results.

The Benefit

Conversion Optimization Roofing SEO Strategy

We create smart and sophisticated viewer experiences that enhance brand credibility and elicit desired actions. Our conversion optimization strategy turns our roofing companies’ websites into lead-generating assets, delivering high conversion rates and greater return on investment.