Roofing SEO - Brand Authority

How to Build Your Brand’s Authority through SEO

When looking to hire a service provider of any kind, we all search to find and hire the best, most reliable provider available. In years past, the internet obviously did not exist. For most services, the local guru to call was common knowledge, but when trying to find a specialized provider, people would ask friends, neighbors, and relatives for advice. Although times have changed, people’s desire for the top rated, best in the industry company has remained steadfast. Although we still ask our families and friends for advice, where do we now turn most often to find our service providers? You guessed it— the internet! Searching online to find a “company we can trust” is now a common occurrence. That is where great content creation comes into the spotlight!


Content Creation for Brand Authority

Although many individuals use the world wide web to find a business, most do not understand what differentiates the companies listed on page one of the searches from those showing on page 21. Search engines follow algorithms designed by their hosts to rank and list search engine results. A company with top rated brand authority will naturally become ranked closer to the page 1 listings. The more brand authority a business has, the higher up the company climbs, surpassing the local competition. Now, there are multiple ways to get listed on the first page. The most expensive way is through paid advertisements. These listings literally rely on the payment to keep their spot in the results pages and lack the brand authority needed to keep them in their spot organically. The other way to get on the first page is through directed and targeted Roofing SEO strategies combined with top-notch content creation. Great content is written not simply to speak to the human audience, but also to get the attention of the online scouring bots. The more your business content comes up in a search, the more brand authority and trustworthiness you are thought to have. Content should focus on showing you are the leader in your specified industry. The goal is to show professionalism and experience without ever having spoken to the individual looking to hire your company. Speaking to your industry lets consumers realize you know your industry and you can help them! This natural way to rank a business is called organic SEO and having content written specifically with ranking strategies in mind can elevate a business’ ranking quickly!


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Building Authority Through Link Building

Integrated onto the directed content creation, businesses should be utilizing as many authoritative leader links as possible. Aligning your roofing business with other credible sources of information about your industry enhances and highlights your company’s authority. Remember, just like in real life, you are judged by those you align yourself with! Having credible links pointing to or from your company, shows the bots you are a leader, raising your credibility level! This strategy will organically promote your business over your competitors! This SEO strategy provides potential consumers with all information they may need when looking to hire your services! Remember, getting your business online, linked, and easy for the bots to find, builds brand authority!


Directory Listings- Modernized Customer Acquisition

So many businesses have a webpage with a phone number and leave it at that. They are unfortunately missing out on a huge opportunity for business visibility! Gone are the days when potential customers open the phone book to find service providers. If you dare to speak about a printed phone book today, many in the younger generation have no knowledge of that ancient form of “search engine” from which to find a business listing. Today, it is all about online listings! Getting a directory listing is simple but can become overwhelming with which ones will work best for your specific business. Google my Business, or GMB, is one that all businesses should have created and should be interacting with frequently. An active directory shows customers that your business is alive, well, and responsive to customers. These types of directories are another area where your interactions will increase your business authority!


Regardless of how you set out to enhance your business authority, doing so is a necessity for your roofing company’s online presence and visibility. The more visible you are- both to consumers and online search engine bots- the higher your company will excel organically! Sound overwhelming? We understand and are here to help! You are the masters of your trade and, at PopOff Marketing, we are the masters of ours! We are the top SEO provider in helping businesses build authority, increasing visibility to make your phone ring! Call and ask how we can help you build your brand’s authority through SEO.