How to Manage Your Roofing Business’s Online Reputation through SEO


  • Google My Business for Reputation Management
  • Online Business Reputation with Social Proof
  • Consistency is Key to Business Reputation


Google My Business for Reputation Management

If you have not set up a Google My Business (GMB) to promote your roofing company, you are missing out on a free key component to business success! Think of a GMB as an online yellow pages listing. The first thing a business must understand is that Google itself is a top search engine on the internet. “Google it”, after all, has become a regularly used phrase and common language. A Google My Business listing allows the public to more easily find your information and verify that your business is- in fact- reputable. In order to have a GMB, a company must first verify its location and provide information about services provided. The process of obtaining a GMB can be lengthy, but is absolutely worth the time and energy for reputation management! A GMB will increase the chances your business will appear in common online searches of those searching for the services you provide. The higher up you appear on the search results, the more a potential customer will trust that your business is indeed a top, reputable business in the given area. So what exactly is on a GMB account? 

    • Business Name and Description– Not surprisingly, the business name and description of services is one of the top pieces of information on a GMB listing. Many people will Google search for a specific business name or a service they are looking for. A GMB allows the bots to very quickly find your page over that of your competitors. It also tends to list a verified GMB account above any business lacking a GMB or those who are not using it fully. This increases trust.   
    • Business Location– Nothing is worse than driving out to a business location and that business is not where it is listed to be. It may sound simple, but GMBs help your physical business be found! As discussed earlier, businesses must verify their address with Google. Customers can trust a business GMB location.
  • Business Phone Number & Service Hours– Keeping an updated, working phone number is vital to business success and reputation. GMBs make it simple to update phone numbers and hours of service.
  • Customer Discussion board and Reviews– This component of a GMB is potentially the most important when it comes to reputation management and is where many require the support of a business such as PopOff Marketing. How a business is interacting with existing and potential customers speaks volumes! Is the GMB listing responsive to discussions? Are there current online interactions of when customers were able to review the business? Businesses won’t always make every customer happy, but they should be responding online to all customers. Seeing current responses allows a potential customer to see that the business is active and engaging with clients, increasing the business’ trust factor. 
  • Pictures– A picture’s worth 1000 words! Customers want to see a business and/or the work a business completes. Having photographic support for your business’ excellent work lets the customer see actual evidence that you can be trusted to complete the task at hand. 

For reputation management, GMB’s can work wonders for getting a company to the top! Let PopOff Marketing help you optimize and make the most of your GMB listing!



Online Business Reputation with Social Proof

We have all been there- searching online for a service and not knowing where to turn. Once we find a few companies that sound promising, what do most of us do… We search for reviews! The voices and opinions of those who have already interacted with a business are incredibly powerful! While we all search for a business with mostly positive reviews, most understand that it’s highly unlikely that any business will ever have all positive reviews. There are always those who- for whatever reason- become disenchanted with a service received. How a business responds to those customers speaks volumes! Addressing the problem promotes a positive business reputation by showing that all customer’s voices are being heard- even those who have been less than thrilled with a service. Responding to positive and negative reviews shows your business cares about its reputation and is willing to have conversations with customers- good or bad. 

At PopOff Marketing, we understand that business owners have a business to run. Responding to online reviews falls pretty low on the totem pole of necessary actions to be competed on any given day. PopOff can help! 


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Consistency is Key to Business Reputation

The last way to build a positive business reputation is for a roofing business to be the authority in its trade. What does this mean? Business websites should be more than just an address, phone number, and a list of services provided. A business website should contain content that speaks to the customer (and the online search engine bots) about services customers may need. For example, roofing companies may have content surrounding roofing options and why one type of roofing may be better or worse than another in a given area. They may want to have articles discussing how to know when a new roof is needed and signs to look for if a roof needs to be replaced or repaired. Each business has a specialty and being the go-to company for information about your trade shows your company knows its niche! Unique, thought-provoking content is key! At PopOff Marketing, we create content that establishes trust and pulls in potential customers. That is why we are ranked as one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Jacksonville according to DesignRush.


Call today to see how PopOff Marketing can support your business to manage and promote your business reputation!