How to Respond to Good and Bad Reviews

Reviews are an essential part of online marketing and can shape future campaigns. Reviews are a guide to what our customers like and what can be done differently. They are a means of communication between the business and the customers. They instill brand loyalty hence must be taken into consideration. Good reviews motivate you and help you know your strong aspects, while bad reviews help you understand what you’re doing wrong and where the problem lies. It can be regarding services, material or salespeople, or after-sales services.

It is important to understand how we can communicate with our customers and how we need to reply to these reviews. Suppose you get overwhelmed by the response and have no idea how to respond to your customers. This article will help you tackle the reviews more efficiently.

Reviews are a great opportunity for us to engage with our customers and keep up with their perceptions. We need to know how they perceive our business. Why is it important to respond? To built trust. It is seen that businesses who reply to the reviews and consider them are more trustworthy, and they are more likely to be successful.

Many people can perceive your roofing business as just a means to earn a profit; keeping and building a connection with your customers helps them understand that you care and value your customers. It makes your business seem more human and trustworthy. Public opinion is the driving force for a successful business.

Reviews and responding to them are a great roofing marketing tool to build your company’s image and presence. Reviews affect a customer’s buying decision, so it is a great idea to invest your time in them by responding to every single one. Each and every one of them builds your reputation.


Good Reviews

If you are providing good services, you will probably have lots of positive reviews. And sometimes we take it for granted, keep in mind that we should be courteous and reply to every single review. It holds more importance than we understand. Responding to the positive reviews helps us put the spotlight on the positive aspects and gives us a chance to market our strengths.

People that are on your website or looking to buy your product will most likely look at the reviews and look at how customers perceive your product or services before buying them.

Thank the reviewer

Even though they are already a happy customer doesn’t mean we should ignore their reviews. It is good to thank them and be courteous. They didn’t need to do that review, and still, they took time to do so.


Thank you for your kind words.

This sentence is more than enough to make the customers feel noticed and spread positive reviews about you in the future. They are most likely to be the promoters of your brand if they are satisfied. And people usually buy things through word-of-mouth promotions. It’s free of cost and yet effective.


Concise, Authentic, and Quick Response

It is good to be courteous and kind. But be careful not to drag the message. Keep it short and concise.

It should be not sales-like and make the customers feel personal. It should not feel like it’s fake; hence it should be authentic. And the other important thing is to be quick, don’t take too long to respond.


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Bad Reviews

Good and bad reviews are both equally important. It is important to be able to understand the negative reviews and know how to respond to them. They can make your brand image seem bad if they are not addressed quickly and properly. It would help if you were nice and open to listening to your customers.

Many people don’t want to address their weaknesses, and despite negative reviews, and yet they are very important for a business. They help us learn where we lack. Every business can face such criticism and negative reviews. Hence you should know how to deal with them.

It can vary from situation to situation. Hence you need to know what to say and how to handle each situation.


Address the reviewer

Try to be personal with the customer and address them. Try to avoid generic salutation. Use their names and address the problem.


Thank the reviewer

Thank the reviewer for taking out time to reach out and address the problem. Thank you goes a long way. Always try to thank your customers.


Apologize and Sympathize

Apologize for the inconvenience and say sorry just to show that you care.  It shows that you are a human and make a mistake, and you accept your faults. Even though it’s not your fault, you should still say sorry and sympathize with your customers.

It’s not good to portray your business as perfect and snobbish. To seem human, it is important to accept your shortcomings and say sorry and sympathize.


Take responsibility

being responsible is an important trait of a business. You should be able to step in and accept your mistakes and fix them right away. This shows that your priority is customer satisfaction. Excuses are never a good idea, so avoid them. Take responsibility when it’s your fault and understand your customer’s situation. But also emphasize that you hold yourself to high standards. Give reassurance.


Make things right

After taking responsibility, now is the time for action. Make things right and do your best to solve the customer’s worry and fix it. if the situation is a bit out of hand, meet your customer offline and directly talk about the issue and resolve it.


Second Chance

Ask them for a second chance and try to be considerate of your customers. Invite them, and don’t slam the door on negative reviews. Be open and positive, keep reading the customer and try your best to resolve the issue.

Keeping these things in mind will help you deal with customers, and attending to the reviews will leave a positive image on your customers.