What to Look for in a Marketing Agency for your Roofing Company

Finding a reliable roofing company marketing team can be challenging. It is important to find a marketing agency that knows the roofing industry and can move you up in search results. Whether you are a small business or a large roofing corporation, our digital marketing team is ready to help!

At PopOff Marketing, we help make your roofing marketing ideas a reality while providing you with whatever internet marketing services you need to help grow your business. PopOff Marketing specializes in the roofing industry. We understand the unique needs associated with roofing marketing and know how to promote your company correctly, getting you increased roofing leads while moving your business up in search engine results.


Roofing Company Marketing


When looking to get more incoming leads to your business, it is crucial to make your company stand out as the authority in the roofing industry. The public needs to understand that your business is the best company they could call to have their roof inspected for issues, repaired, or replaced. Total roof replacements are expensive. People need to know you are a company they can trust with their home and finances to get the job done quickly and correctly.

When marketing for a roofing company, PopOff understands that there are a few main strategies that speak to the bots to help increase your ranking in search engines organically. We are also aware that there are questions your potential customers may have regarding your company and services. We get the information out there, promoting your business to stay on top of the competition!


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The Many Paths of Digital Marketing for Roofing Companies


When looking at digital marketing for your roofing company, you need to understand the many paths available. No one path is better than another. In fact, the most successful companies use a combination of services to succeed.  Digital marketing for your business should focus on the following to give you the long-term results you desire.

  • Authority Building – You need to stand out against your competition as the leading authority in the roofing business in your area. To do this, you need to have a continual presence online. The more content you publish on your website, the more people (and search engine bots) will view you as a go-to for roofing knowledge. We combine content with link-building strategies and online directories such as Google my Business to get your name recognized in your given service area.


  • Reputation Management – Reputation is as important! No one wants to choose a company with a bad reputation; however, it is unrealistic to assume you can please every customer with every job. Businesses get bad reviews. It’s part of being in business. The question is, what do you do with bad reviews? How do you respond? Do you respond at all? PopOff helps you with this to rebuild trust in your company.


  • Paid Advertisements – There are many types of pay-per-click advertisements. When done well, these ads can significantly improve your business. If done incorrectly, ads can cost a business a tremendous amount of time and money with little return on investment. Popoff can help!


  • Google My Business – Google My Business (GMB) is an online directory, like the old-fashioned yellow pages but much more advanced. Businesses should frequently be adding to and using GMB services to help with their roofing marketing.

Whatever your needs, PopOff Marketing can support you with designing a marketing strategy that works for you!


PopOff Marketing for your Roofing Company Marketing Needs


Roofing marketing can be difficult, and many businesses need help in getting their name to the top. At PopOff Marketing, we understand that competition is fierce! We have worked hard to understand the needs of the roofing industry. Whether you are looking for how to market a new roofing company, how to market a small roofing company, or how to market your roofing company, we provide the digital marketing strategies to get your business moving in the right direction.


At PopOff Marketing, our roofing company marketing strategies are the best in the business. We are a marketing team created with the roofing industry in mind, and we can’t wait to help support you on your way to the top!